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Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO®) is a model for virtual telementorship that connects providers and health workers in underserved, remote, and rural communities with an interdisciplinary team of experts to share best practices, discuss cases, and build a community of practice and learning. Led by Waridibo Allison MD, PhD , the UT Health San Antonio ECHO Service Center at ReACH provides technical assistance and support to groups seeking to launch their own ECHO. Learn more about the diverse array of ECHO programs offered at the institution and our ECHO related services on the UT Health San Antonio ECHO website.

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Dissemination and Implementation consultation core logoD&I Consultation Core

Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) science refers to the study and use of research methodologies to guide, evaluate, and improve the delivery of evidence-based health interventions to specific populations. As an emerging field in health sciences research, D&I offers us the opportunity to identify effective, equitable strategies for sharing research innovation with all populations. Led by Erin Finley PhD, MPH, the ReACH Center D&I Consultation Core offers consultation services to help investigators and health care professionals successfully integrate D&I science in their research and practice. Learn more about the D&I Consultation Core

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