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Erin P Finley, PhD MPHD&I Core Director

Erin P. Finley, PhD, MPH

Erin P. Finley, PhD, MPH is a Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at UT Health San Antonio, and a Research Investigator with the Center for the Study of Implementation, Innovation, and Policy (CSHIIPP) at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Healthcare System. Dr. Finley is a medical anthropologist, health services researcher and implementation scientist with expertise in mixed methodology, evaluation, and the implementation of evidence-based practices in inpatient and outpatient settings.

Who we are

The UT Health San Antonio D&I Consultation Core aims to build D&I research and amplify its impact on public health through consultation with investigators, clinicians, and community organizations at any stage of designing or implementing an intervention.

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D&I Resources

Dissemination and Implementation online resourcesOnline Resources

A selection of freely accessible resources that introduce users to key frameworks, methods, and measures for D&I science.

Dissemination and Implementation Tools, ResourcesGuides, Tools, Templates

A wide range of free, online tools to support the planning, conduct, and evaluation of D&I research.

Dissemination and Implementation PublicationsSelect Publications

A curated library of foundational, peer-reviewed literature that demonstrates the breadth and impact of D&I science.

Current and past collaborations

The D&I Consultation Core brings together experts from across dissemination and implementation, with a long history of local, national, and international collaborations. Special areas of focus include:

  • Evidence-driven implementation, following established strategies for successful implementation, adaptation, and evaluation.
  • Study design and evaluation, laying the groundwork for rapid learning on the most effective ways to improve care, increase uptake of best practices, and sustain positive change over time.
  • ECHO/Telementoring and implementation facilitation as critical tools for helping providers to adopt and make routine use of best practices across diverse settings and populations.
  • Use of established and innovative implementation and evaluation frameworks like RE-AIM, the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research, and SHIFT-Evidence to guide implementation and research.
  • Expertise in stakeholder engagement, community participatory research, and user-centered design as strategies for bringing partners to the table in support of equitable, high-quality healthcare for all.
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