Proyecto Voces: Latinx mental health & COVID-19

Proyecto Voces: identifying the mental health needs of Latinxs in South Texas amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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Purpose: Guided by principles of community-based participatory research (CBPR) through the engagement of community stakeholders and Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Promotor/as, this project aims at identifying relevant mental health needs of underserved Latinx communities in South Texas amid the COVID-19 pandemic, along with identifying culturally and contextually relevant protective factors. Moreover, this project also aims at identifying relevant training needs for Community Health Workers (CHW) and Promotor/as assisting the mental health needs of these communities.


Endowment Funding

Principal Investigators

Luz Garcini, PhD, MPH


South Central Area Health Education Centers, Community Health Worker organizations across South Texas


South Texas