KSAT 12: Struggling rural healthcare providers nationwide getting virtual help from San Antonio-based program

Telementoring, or technology-enabled mentoring, is an essential strategy for addressing challenges to delivering care in rural and remote settings. Last week, ReACH core scholar Waridibo Allison MD, PhD, director of UT Health ECHO program and Rural Telementoring Training Center (RTTC), sat down with KSAT to discuss how telementoring can improve care delivery and support the health workforce. Dr. Allison and the RTTC team have also recently hosted a weeklong virtual event to celebrate the launch of Resources, Information, Support, and Education (RISE) for rural telementoring, an array of online tools and resources to support organizations in designing, implementing, and evaluating telementoring programs for rural health. View launch week sessions and learn about the RTTC at: www.ruraltelementoring.org.

Learn more about UT Health San Antonio ECHO telementoring at: wp.uthscsa.edu/echo

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