ReACH Core Scholar Waridibo Allison Uses Telemedicine to Care for HIV Patients During COVID

ReACH Core Scholar Waridibo Allison, MD, PhD was featured on Fox San Antonio discussing the use of telemedicine to care for patients with HIV during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Dr. Allison is the Medical Director at the San Antonio AIDS Foundation and is the Director of UT Health San Antonio ECHO which is administratively supported and housed within the ReACH Center.  Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Dr. Allison and UT Health San Antonio ECHO have worked to develop time sensitive didactics and provide telementoring and technical assistance to clinicians who are implementing telemedicine to ensure patients are able to access medical care from their home which reduces the potential of exposure to COVID-19 while reducing strain on the healthcare system by minimizing the demand on health care facilities and conserving critical personal protective equipment

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