ReACH Assistant/ Associate/Professor Opening

Please visit our Job Opportunities page for more information about this exciting opportunity! 

San Antonio Entrepreneurship Week November 13-17, 2017

San Antonio Entrepreneurship Week is about highlighting the entrepreneurs and the businesses that are creating positive changes in the San Antonio community.  UT Health San Antonio is hosting three sessions on Wednesday, November 15th that will celebrate bioscience innovation and the entrepreneurial passion of our faculty, trainees and graduate students.   
4:00 pm there will be a panel discussion about neuroscience and sport medicine where the latest innovations and treatments will be discussed.
5:15 pm Dr. Andrea Giuffrida, PhD, Vice President for Research and Professor and Robert Langston, Coordinator of Teacher and School Programs at the San Antonio Museum of Art will lead an Art & Science Walk through an exhibit in the UT Health South Texas Research Facility that showcases the ingenuity and creative thinking shared by both artistic and scientific minds.
6:30 pm at Cafe Martinez Michael J Wargovich PhD and Chef Iverson Brownell will host a presentation and demo to show you how easy recipes using common spices have proven to reduce inflammation and help you live healthier. The event is free, but you will need to register.

ReACH Director, Dr. Barbara J. Turner featured on Texas Public Radio's Texas Standard

On Friday, March 31st, Dr. Barbara J. Turner, the Director of the Center for Research to Advance Community Health (ReACH) will be featured on the Texas Public Radio show Texas Standard to discuss a recently published study that looks at how much the Hispanic community knows about chronic pain.  Dr. Turner and her team conducted a population-based survey representing 8.8 million Hispanic residents of five Southwestern states who did not have chronic pain.  The data from this study reveal serious gaps in knowledge about chronic pain including misunderstanding about relying on narcotics to treat the disease. This is the first study to reveal poor knowledge about chronic pain in a large population of Americans and reinforces the urgency of launching a broad-based educational campaign about chronic pain and its care. 

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